ERASE Racism Announces New Education Equity Working Groups

This month we are proud to announce four new opportunities to partner with ERASE Racism and help move our goal of education equity into action. In 2011 we launched our Education Equity campaign with several strategy sessions across Long Island and a regional forum at Stony Brook University. Through those efforts to educate the public and catalyze a dialogue about educational disparities on Long Island, we formed ERASE Racism's Education Equity Working Group, which was charged with helping to identify actions that would provide African American and Hispanic students with the same access to quality education as their white and Asian counterparts. Throughout the past year we have strengthened our understanding of the structural impediments to equitable education and fair housing on Long Island by conducting a detailed analysis of population changes from 2000 to 2010. You can learn more about that research on here. This past October we shared our findings with the Working Group and other ERASE Racism Partners and that discussion has helped to transition the campaign from identifying problems to taking action with four work groups in the following areas:
  • Structural Strategies: focusing on re-districting, magnet schools, inter-district transfers, and other mechanisms that would move beyond the current rigid school district boundaries.
  • Pedagogy: exploring the impact of the International Baccalaureate Program (IB) as a tool for academic rigor and racial integration, combating implicit bias in the classroom, strategies to reduce the achievement gap, and incentives for cultural competency training for public school teachers and administrators.
  • Funding: exploring new ways to use funding to decrease the academic gap, such as providing universal pre-K, altering state and commercial and residential tax funding formulae to increase resources where needed.
  • Current Affairs: Evaluating state-wide education policies and local school district policies and practices for potentially harmful effects on education equity, educating others and formulating appropriate responses.  

In addition to the activities that we will undertake with the working groups, ERASE Racism will continue its research and seek effective messaging to persuade residents to listen and engage.  If you are passionate about ensuring that every child on Long Island, regardless of their race or income, is offered a quality education, then we hope you will consider joining one of these working groups.

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